We are excited that you want to learn more about being baptized at The Bridge Church. We would love to help you determine if this is your next step. After watching Session 1: Is Baptism My Next Step? below, you can choose to sign up and start the baptism process. Within a week of signing up you will be given access to watch two more videos called:

    • Session 2: Share Your Story
    • Session 3: What To Expect on Baptism Sunday

Please contact us if we can help answer any questions about baptism or our baptism process. If you decide that baptism is not your next step, we would love to help you figure out what might be next.

Session 1: Is Baptism My Next Step?

As you're learning about baptism, it's important to know that one step actually comes first, which makes baptism the second step. As the Bible outlines, first we believe, then we are baptized. (See Acts 8:12)

In this video, Marty gives helpful insight into what it means to believe and how to navigate this whole process.

Have you admitted that you are a sinner? Do you believe that Jesus has saved you from your sins and restored you to God's family? Have you confessed with your mouth that Jesus is Lord? That's the first step!

The second step of baptism is something we do because Jesus modeled it and asked us to follow His example. It's an outward expression of what has already happened on the inside; how you've believed in your heart that Jesus is your Lord and Savior.

As you ponder where you fall in that process, you may be ready to sign up for baptism. If so, go ahead and click the button.

I'm Ready To Take My Next Step